Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ADVENTURES IN THE DESIGN WORLD™: The Nostalgic Branding of VEGA$ Slot Machines

I've already shown you two of my favorite nostalgically branded slot machines (the Star Wars machine and the Kenny Rogers machine) but I'm sure you've said to yourself "John Eats must have seen some other machines branded in such a way as to exploit the borrowed interest of a beloved television or movie franchise in order to attract those who wouldn't normally stuff money into a slot machine!"

Well, you're absolutely right. Here's an extremely brief gallery (clickity click on them for extra-large gambling photo goodness) of machines built solely to attract my demographic: the 24-40 age group whose cynicism towards gambling could be easily crushed when they see how fricking cool it is to gamble with the ALIEN:

Or maybe you'd rather travel through time to kill Sarah Connor for the good of humanity (and by "travel through time to kill Sarah Connor for the good of humanity" what I really mean is "stuff $20 bills into a loud, visually attractive machine and repetitively press one of three buttons until your money disappears")?

And now we come to the world of television...remember how great Dick Clark used to make you feel at the beginning of each new year (before he had his stroke, I mean)? Well, now you can relive a little bit of that magic any day of the year by emptying your pockets into this baby, which I think deserves two pictures (one to display the falling shiny ball, the other to accentuate the detailing of Dick's face):

And then there's the game show connection. Who doesn't love them some Wheel of Fortune now and again? Well, this bank of slot machines has its very own oversized spinning wheel, even more lifelike than Pat Sajak's hair!

And finally, nothing gets the heart thumping and the $20 bills inserting like Jan Hammer's classic theme song accompanied by cartoon representations of Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Edward James Olmos, and flamingoes:


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