Wednesday, June 27, 2007


They just won't let it go. The Head Bald Guy (or someone else in Pequannock, New Jersey who has a vested interest in the BALD GUYZ® brand) has decided it's time to post another self-defeating, needlessly defensive comment about their Head Wipez:
Anonymous said...

Baby wipes for the head? NOT. Baby wipes leave a moisture barrier to protect the baby's bottom. Would you want a residue on your head, face? ? I don't think so. Maybe the 40 million bald heads need a specific product for them? Before you spew your stupid comments perhaps you should do some diligence and find out what you are talking about....oh I know, since you can't eat it, why bother spending time on it.
Check out my response if you find this at all entertaining. I just can't believe this thing won't die. They're giving me some great material!

Excuse me while I go "do some diligence." Kee-rist!


Blogger Psychictoad said...

Being a man with beautifully lush hair, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you "Bald Guyz." To replicate the absorbent power of my hair, I've developed a new product called MAXIHEAD®.

Essentially the MAXIHEAD® is a large cotton pad that, when securely fastened to the users head with elastic straps will absorb the filth, grime, and sweat that accumulates on the bald man's head. You will never need to "wipe" away the grime like some losers.

My beautiful flowing hair and I both realized that even though the bald man's existence is meaningless, shouldn't he/she at least have the Bounty-like absorbency of hair while he/she aimlessly wanders through life. I think so, hence the MAXIHEAD®.

Also be sure to check out my other products for bald men: DOUCHEFACE® and DIAPERHELMET®

10:32 AM  

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