Tuesday, January 02, 2007

JOHNEATS.COM CONTEST™: Make A Decent Mike Tyson/Commander Chakotay Joke, Win An Indecent T-Shirt

The other day, while posting about our new Mozart/Mike Tyson Drinking Game™, I had really hoped to include a reference to the wacky facial artwork similarities between former heavyweight champ Tyson and former Star Trek: Voyager native American Commander Chakotay. But I just couldn't come up with anything beyond "Wow, Mike Tyson's facial tatoo makes him look kinda like Commander Chakotay!" So here's where you come in.

I challenge you, my three to seven regular readers, to once again provide me with content in the hopes of winning a t-shirt with my face on it. Yes, that's right, you have exactly one month (until February 2nd, 2007) to come up with a decent Mike Tyson/Commander Chakotay joke. The jokes may or may not require visual aids, but they need to actually make me laugh out loud. If you think you're up to it, send your joke to johneats[AT]gmail.com and one lucky winner will be able to choose their very own JohnEats.com t-shirt!

So put those thinking caps on and get cracking! I won't stop until I force every single one of you to own a t-shirt with my face on it!


Blogger girlfop said...

Go Michael, go Michael, go Michael, GO!

9:50 AM  

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