Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ENTERTAINMENT DROPPINGS: Golden Globes' Asshole With Ascot Schadenfreude

Easily the best moment of last night's Golden Globe Awards came fairly early, during the presentation of the Best Supporting Actor in a TV Show award, wherein Asshole With Ascot Jeremy Piven found himself nominated once again for his "signature" role as the asshole manager on Entourage. However, Jeremy Irons -- nominated for his supporting role in HBO's Elizabeth I -- ended up taking home the award.

Piven, whose "star" is falling so fast after his Cusack dissing interview I can't even find a red carpet shot of him from last night, was all smiles and huggy-poos with his mom on camera as the nominatons were read off. Seriously, does he have to milk the "I-love-my-mom-almost-inappropriately" thing at every awards show he attends? Or is he just such a tremendous asshole that no woman will actually accompany him other than his mother?

Anyway, when the winner was named, and the first word out of the presenter's mouth was "Jeremy", you just know that Piven either started to get up or pumped his fist in the air and then had to quickly take it back as the name "Irons" rang out across the hall. And Irons was seated at the table directly behind Piven's, so you know damn well he saw whatever it was that Piven did (which unfortunately wasn't televised). However, Irons approached Piven on-camera as he walked up to the stage and shook his hand; Piven shot him a glance that tried really hard to not look bitter and dejected, but nonetheless betrayed what was undoubtedly going through his head: "I lost to some drunken Limey jagoff who looks like he just got back from a trip to RenFair!" Priceless.

Oh, and in the only other interesting thing that happened at the Golden Globes, Justin Timberlake made fun of Prince being short when His Purple Majesty was stuck in traffic and couldn't accept his award. While the weasly little George Michael beard-sporting Timberlake might have done his best to bring ShortJokeyBack, I guess this means we really aren't ever gonna get to see Prince duet with him at an awards show anytime in the near future.


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