Monday, September 11, 2006

TODAY AT MERLE'S: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Big developments for all of you Today At Merle's fans...first off, there's a new installment today, which should stop the endless stream of angry emails from my 3 to 7 readers pleading for its return. Secondly, we now have a definite closure date for the Francisco stop, meaning the end of Today At Merle's is at hand: it closes this Friday evening at 10pm, making this little running feature a distant memory. Third and possibly most important is that the radio station at Merle's has been changed -- yes, that's right, changed -- to the local oldies station, meaning the types of songs I'll be covering in this final week will be drastically different. Well, possibly. Probably a little less disco.

Anyway, here begins the home stretch of...

TODAY AT MERLE'S: Going To A Go-Go by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

A definite upswing in quality today as I was greeted by one of my all-time favorite Motown songs. Gone are the depressing days of America and The Bee Gees, we've got some old school booty shakin' to do. Although I really didn't notice a change in anyone's mood on the train platform because of it...the short guy with the black leather jacket and Napoleon complex who always tries to cut in front of me even though he shows up after me still tried to cut in front of me, and the woman with the shaky hands and Art Institute canvas tote still acted about twenty years older than she looks. But for a brief moment I was transported away from the rain and the old man coughing without covering his mouth. You'll see the people from your block and don't be shocked if you see your favorite star -- well, probably not at the Francisco stop, but you get the idea.

Oh yeah, and enjoy the video: a "live" performance from the TV show Hullabaloo, introduced by a shockingly young Frankie Avalon.


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