Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If My Office PC's Speakers Worked, I'd Probably Be Plunging Steel Knitting Needles Into My Eyes And Ears Right Now

Get this video and more at

Much like the person who originally blogged about this here (which was sent to me by Anonymous A, who got it from here), the speakers on my PC at work don't function so I haven't heard the video yet. But just by body language alone I can tell that this "riff" by everyone's favorite Asshole With An Ascot just oozes a big bowl full of wrong. Perhaps this will finally convince those of you who think my intense loathing for Jeremy Piven is misguided (like the cojones-challenged author of the "anonymous" comment on this page whom I suspect may just be The Pivenster himself).

P.S. - Not that anyone needs any more ammunition to make them feel that MySpace represents everything that is truly wrong with the Internet these days, but WTF is up with their tacky little text ad underneath their embedded video? Do they really need to promote themselves that much? Jesus H.

UPDATE: Ok, I've watched it properly now, and yes, this video confirms beyond any reasonable doubt that Jeremy Piven is indeed an asshole. And not just any kind of asshole: an ignorant asshole. With an ascot. WTF is with the iPod Nano crap? Yeah, Piven, Katrina victims really could use an iPod Nano. Thank f*cking god for you and your poetry and your "energy" and your sorry name-dropping ass. You've helped save the world with the power of your George Michael Stubble®.

*whew* Time to go sit in a corner and count to ten...


Anonymous "A" said...

Favorite quote: "I just did a coffee table book with Johnny Depp and a bunch of other people..."

1:55 PM  

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