Sunday, September 10, 2006

HASSELHOFF HOTNEWS™: A People Exclusive and BBC Interview

Have you found yourself sitting around lately and thinking "Isn't it about time David Hasselhoff had a candid one-on-one chat with a major tabloid publication to set the record straight on plastic surgery, Pamela Anderson, going shirtless, what he wants on his gravestone, and flirting with Princess Diana?" Well, then you're in luck, because thanks to the good folks at People magazine (and a tip from I), you can find out the answers to these questions and at least one or two more in "David Hasselhoff Sounds Off", a moving collection of soundbites that dances around anything at all controversial in The Hoff's recent private life woes (like his divorce and completely unrelated public drunkenness, as well as his bizarre shaving/chandelier accident).

If that's not enough Hasselhoff for you, head on over and watch BBC Breakfast's six minutes with The Hoff talking about his popularity (when asked if he's more popular in Germany than anywhere else -- which is the truth -- he answers "It's the same pretty much everywhere I go"), his Pipex advert, and just what exactly his publicist thought up to explain his bizarre shaving/chandelier accident.


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