Thursday, July 27, 2006

HASSELHOFF HOTNEWS™: Shine, Sweet Freedom!

Rejoice, ladies--walking celebrity joke David Hasselhoff's divorce is finally official!

UPDATE: Not so fast, ladies. Looks like you might want to give the man some time to heal before you let yourself into K.I.T.T.'s passenger door. Seems he's not taking the whole divorce thing too well and has just had to deny a bout of public drunkenness at Heathrow Airport:

“He was drinking alone and staring into space. He started ranting incoherently. It was clear he was talking about his wife and the divorce. He was sobbing and nodding his head.”

“Passengers saw him pick up a shop manageress, stagger around and mumble to people,” The Sun claimed.

The manager who was picked up by the actor reportedly told him: “I don't think you're fit to fly, sir”, to which Hasselhof allegedly replied: “I think you are right.”

Way to get that publicist on the scene for damage control, David. But we all know where those celebrity denials ultimately lead . . . just ask Lance Bass.


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