Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ADVENTURES IN THE DESIGN WORLD™: The Big Bobber Floating Cooler

Sure, I've talked about oversized products before here on JohnEats.com (which were also, coincidentally, spotted online by Anonymous A just like this one), but they didn't have as much going for them as the whole package surrounding The Big Bobber Floating Cooler. First off, we've got the website which, as seen above, sports some dandy dual-animated logos, a table border of like 20 pixels, some ALL CAPS UNNECESSARY SELF-EXPLANATION AS TO WHAT THIS THING IS THAT YOU'RE LOOKING AT RIGHT NOW, an animated U.S. map, and -- to top it all off -- there's this:

We've got the words "Just 'Click'", which aren't a link, telling you to click on a picture below it! Wouldn't Jacob Nielsen be proud?

But the real beauty of thebigbobberfloatingcooler.com lies within its eponymous product. Just look at this baby in action:

Seriously, it really does float! Like a real bobber! So you can open it while you're fishing or swimming and get seaweed in it!

Plus you can use it to store Pepsi...or fruit:

Just make sure you don't put both Pepsi AND fruit into the same Big Bobber. I think there might be a matter/anti-matter explosion if you do.


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