Monday, February 11, 2008

ENTERTAINMENT DROPPINGS: The Grammys Party Like It's 1985

For all the hype around Amy Winehouse's attempts to get out of rehab and get over to LA, the real star of last night's Grammy Awards had to be the '80s. First off, we got Prince handing out an award and cracking wise about the absurd Alicia Keys/Frank Sinatra Duet From Beyond The Grave. Then Cyndi Lauper came out to remind everybody that she actually won a Grammy once. And let's not forget Kanye and Daft Punk with their amazing Tron-referencing costumes and set design, not to mention more vocoder effects than Lipps, Inc. could shake a stick at. Oh, and Tina Turner recontextualized her career by making it two-thirds '80s hits to one-third Proud Mary (and was that silver suit a Thunderdome reference?).

But of course the real news from last night was The Time reunion. From Jimmy Jam's key-tar to Jerome's timbales-and-mirror combo, The Time bookended Rihanna with two volumes of Tha Funk. And yeah, Rihanna's huge with the kiddies and everything, but Morris Day still got in the last word when he turned to her and tapped his watch. What Time Is It indeed.



Blogger Psychictoad said...

Don't you have a gig coming up soon? Ever consider performing with a motorcycle helmet with neon lights on it?

Sleep on it, man.

10:28 AM  

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