Sunday, January 20, 2008

FILMPHLEGM™: Persepolis

So this weekend Anonymous A and I decided to head down to the local artiplex to catch Persepolis. And as per usual we had to put up with some bullshit. First off, it was absofreakinglutely freezing out all weekend. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, it was cold for everybody. But that doesn't make it any warmer, asshole!

So then we get to the theater and of course we don't want to interact with any humans if we don't have to so I went up to one of those ticket kiosk machine things to buy the tickets and it tells me that "85% of seats are still available" for the next showing so I'm thinking "Awesomeness! There'll be like nobody in there!" and then we get into the theater only like five minutes later after buying some snacks and it's like totally full except for a couple rows in the back. No big deal, at least we could sit together unlike when we saw Michael Clayton which was such total bullshit I don't even wanna talk about it right now. So anyway the lights dimmed and then came back up and then dimmed again right away so we were all like "WTF dude?" and then they start off right away with a trailer for Torchwood on HDNet and I'm like "Wow, cool, even tho season one pretty much sucks ass" and then they start showing a trailer for a movie about a counterfeiter in a concentration camp and just as I start wondering if whoever wrote the movie got the idea just by playing around with consonance one day, these two guys walk up to us and want to sit in our row, and we're sitting at the end of the row and I'm all like "Jesus H.! Show up on time or whatever!" and so I stand up to let them through and then the trailer ends. So dude who's standing right in front of me trying to get past me and into the row stops walking and just stands there!!! while the place went dark in-between trailers and he turns to me and goes "Oh, great, of course it would turn pitch black right when we're trying to get past you!" and he WON'T EFFING MOVE and I look at A and I'm thinking "If you're such a lame-o that you can't walk in a straight line for a grand total of like four steps to get past two seats in a movie theater then I hope you don't have a frickin driver's license!" and the guy just STANDS THERE and won't move!!! Then finally after what feels like about five minutes but was really only like half a minute or less he starts walking again and now there's a trailer going and there's light again but of course the guy is such an incompetent he can't walk past us without knocking my jacket onto the floor and I'm just like "OMG you so did NOT just do that" and then they sat down and we sat down and the movie started and it was all over. God DAMN.


Blogger :> said...

skincare dalek

11:20 PM  
Blogger K. A. Laity said...

Um, was the film?

I'm so glad we can usually go to matinées, although the OAPs can be incredibly annoying.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous "A" said...

We were watching the credits, and two same guys were standing putting on their coats immediately after the movie while turned our way, and I was all NOT AGAIN, I mean, the exit was in the other direction, c'mon! But luckily they turned the other way and left like normal people. And I continued to read the French credits even though I can't read French.

And this was at a Sunday matinee, but it was crazy packed 'cause it was the second day of being like -2 degrees out. Merde!

10:16 AM  

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