Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ENTERTAINMENT DROPPINGS: And The Oscar For Shittiest Fake Hair In An Overblown, Ripped-From-The-Headlines Political Drama Goes To...

Was there a Hollywood Hairdressers strike that nobody told me about? Because seriously, I can not tell which of the three leads in Charlie Wilson's War has the worst fake hair: Is it Tom Hanks, replacing his mullet wig from The DaVinci Code with a ratty Ronald Reagan wig? Or is it Julia Roberts, with her Carmine Infantino-inspired beehive swoop wig? Or, could it possibly be Philip Seymour Hoffman, sporting the absolute worst pornstar-wig-plus-caterpillaresque-synthetic-lip-spinach I've ever fricking seen?

I don't know. dear reader, but I do know who will win when Charlie Wilson's War hits general release: the American Viewing Public, that's who.


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