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Blogger Gene K. said...

It's worth noting that not even the shame of carrying The Belush in this film could kill Koton's (Jerry Lee's) spirit. Lesser canine actors might have descended into a self-made hell of sloth, Milk Bones, and bitches. But not Koton, a real police dog :

On 18 November 1991, he was shot and killed apprehending a suspect in the attempted murder of a police officer. Ten days before his death, Koton found ten kilos of cocaine worth more than 1.2 million dollars. [IMDb]

Try as they might, neither Mac (in 1999's K-911) nor King (in 2002's K-9: P.I.) could replicate Koton's true-life police skills. They were actors; he lived the part.

R.I.P, Koton.

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