Monday, July 02, 2007

ENTERTAINMENT DROPPINGS: Delta Burke So Glad To Be Paid To Be Here In Chicago

This weekend saw the John Eats official tour of The Taste of Chicago, the city's annual celebration of gluttony. Fortunately there were a few non-culinary highlights, including bumping into none other than Delta Burke and her cadre of handlers whose sole purpose for being there seemed to be explaining to passers-by just who Delta Burke used to be. Which was convenient since the one-time Designing Woman appears to have had more than a little design work of her own.

Burke was signing autographs and posing for photos at a diabetes awareness booth, which is all well and good but they probably would have gotten more attention for their cause if they'd just set up a big screen playing rival blood sugar disease spokesperson Wilford Brimley's diabetes remix:

But then, if that were the case I would have missed out on the experience of being gently hassled by one of Delta's handlers for "sneaking a photo" of her instead of "waiting in line" (i.e. one other person) to get my picture taken with her.


Anonymous Ivy said...

Now that I finally found a free moment to read this post, I can tell you about the time in August 1997 when I saw a Delta Burke lookalike on Fisherman's Wharf. She kept a pack of cigarettes hidden up the sleeve of her ladies' suit (I forgot to note which one, but I'm guessing left) and would tap the cuff gently with two fingers to retrieve it. The best part was the rapport she developed with the waiter, Anthony, who would be an excellent choice to play Meshach Taylor in the 2018 biopic. Imagine: "When I was 18, my father said two words to me: Get out." (he laughs). My sister and I started calling him Tanya for some reason. We found this highly amusing.

Doesn't Delta look a bit like Michael Jackson in that pic?

2:47 PM  

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