Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Another exciting chapter in our ongoing series presenting the pearls of wisdom of a television icon . . .
"One thing that's rarely happened at our company is firing an actor in the middle of a season. We'll just live through it and during the hiatus we just don't pick up the actor or actress, so officially it hurts the actor less. When there's a problem, the actor has ample warning. We really do try to work things out. But the old adage that one bad apple can taint the whole bushel is very true. It's also the reason we've never hired an actor named 'Apple.' Ugh, forgive me for that.

"Herve [Villechaize] used to have a sign outside his trailer [on the
Fantasy Island set] that said, 'The Doctor of Sex.' When he was in his trailer, he would turn the sign around and it would say, 'The doctor is in.'"

--Aaron Spelling (as written by Jefferson Graham)


Blogger Gene K. said...

L.L. Cool H!

(Ladies Love Cool Hervé)

8:03 AM  

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