Thursday, May 03, 2007

FIERCEFILEā„¢: Sho Long, Shtupid Brittany!

For a "go-see" episode, last night's ANTM was actually fairly uneventful. Sure, we got Brittany's ridiculous tirade upon finding out that she didn't make it back in time, but that was about all for actual entertaining highlights.

This was definitely the Night of Brittany though, and it began with Dionne's cogent analysis of Brittany's "brain stapling" excuse for her poor short-term memory when shooting the commercial two episodes ago -- which somehow didn't effect her ability to learn lines during the acting challenge three episodes ago. Just for this brilliant deduction alone, Wholahay deserves to win.

And speaking of Brown, what was the deal with them going out of their way to show how she was such a mooch at the go-sees and then not bring it up at panel? They didn't even mention what the designers thought of her or any of the other models who actually made the grade in this week's challenge. At least we got the remarkable information that not one designer would have hired Brittany, which wasn't exactly the big shock they tried to make it out to be...after her little tantrum, can you really see her being able to work a social situation that involved selling herself successfully?

But not only did we find out about Brittany's penchant for curse words in the face of adversity, we also got to see her pick up a sandwich, put it to her mouth, then place it back underneath a silver platter. She also displayed her megalomania when she boldly declared she wouldn't be in the bottom two this week because she "rocked [her] photoshoot". Uh-huh. Whatever.

The other truly entertaining moment had to be the thirty-minute analysis of this week's Tyra Mail. Yes, it was slightly more cryptic than usual. Yes, Natasha is the one who read it out loud so it didn't sound right in the first place. But good lord, it's not that hard people!!

As always it comes down to the loser, and predictably it was Brittany's turn to go bye-bye. Thank god, cuz I seriously couldn't take her obnoxious little speech impediment accent anymore (every time she uses a "sh" instead of an "s" I want to throw a brick at my television). At least Cha Cha got to win a challenge before they boot her off next week (yes, I know the preview clip makes it look like Natasha's about to get the axe, but they're not gonna be that obvious about the ending, are they?).


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