Thursday, April 19, 2007

FIERCEFILE™: Sydney, Australia Proves To Be Jael's Didgeri-Don't

This episode was all about transition and ramping up the competition. If last week's was all about ANTM history, then this week was about ANTM clichés, because we got several of them: interview skills, working under pressure, travelling to a new country, stumbling through foreign customs, getting a chic new foreign apartment, and a CoverGirl commercial shoot all rolled into one!

First off came the interview/voice training featuring April from Cycle 2, who has problems stretching her face too tightly while she talks, but she definitely gave the models some decent interview tips. Once they started interviewing each other, some sparks started to fly, and Jael vs. Dionne became the unexpected bitchfest of the evening. It was obvious Jael knew her time was quickly coming to an end now that the competition finally started to focus on speech and presentation skills, and she got all up in Dionne's face as a defense mechanism. But then Dionne came right back at her and was all like "step off, bitch" and that certainly didn't help either. But it did make for some awesome television!

April then started to tell them about their challenge for the week, which was the old "man on the street" interview challenge...but then Tyra jumped in while wearing a ratty-ass kangaroo costume that the ANTM interns probably got during the Goodwill challenge a few episodes back and announced they were all going to Sydney, Australia. After everybody stopped going crazy, Natasha finally shook the stupid out of her ears and realized where they were going and spent the next three minutes having spasms. She was obviously the most excited about gong there, because, as she said: "Y'know, somebody has a dream to go to Japan...somebody is crazy about the TIE-bet...I was crazy about Australia."

So as soon as they stepped off the plane they met Erika Heynatz, Australian and proud of it. And she lets them know they're gonna interview people on the street there, and they have to use Aussie slang as much as possible. Cha Cha looked even more confused than Natasha, but eventually she understood the plan. Somehow Natasha managed to do better than everyone else, dropping in the most slang and having actual conversations with people, while Dionne was given a "that's cool-o-meter" which quickly racked up negative points. That's cool.

The girls settled into their new apartment which is filled with stuffed kangaroos and pictures of last cycle's winner, CariDee, which I guess is meant to teach them the valuable lesson that the competition is getting tougher, and in order to win they need to grow pouches on their stomachs.

Next came the commercial shoot, and oh boy did Brittany tank. She finally got to stop complaining about her nasty hairweave last week, so of course this week she had to find another excuse for not performing well and of course it's the old "I got in a car accident when I was seventeen and I had to get eight staples in my brain and now my short-term memory is f-ed up" line, which we had to endure at least three times last night. Jay Manuel tried his best to get her to loosen up but she was awful...almost as bad as Jael, but not quite.

So it's bye bye time for Jael, because somehow Natasha has the judges completely in the palm of her mail order bride hand. Unbelievable. I very much enjoyed Jael's purple wig and red tutu's exactly the type of wardrobe I envision her rocking during her new career shooting "My Life As A Junkie" bumpers for The CW's new late night lineup.

Final Three Predicton number one: Dionne, Renee, Natasha. You heard it here first.


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