Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WHY GOD CREATED YOUTUBE™: "Meeting In The Ladies Room" by Klymaxx

A truly mind-blowing experience, this video by Klymaxx is notable for so many things: Lorena "Lungs" Porter's angular haircut and frantically breathy rap style ... the pastel set design complete with transparent mirrors and sinks ... the weirdly sung "Uh-OOOOH" hook ... the neon "IN USE" sign which does more to make you feel like the video's shot in a nightmarish 80s diner than a ladies room ... the white sparkly wig ... every single piece of clothing ... the list just goes on and on! But of course, the real centerpiece of this video is Pop 'N' Taco, the man who taught Michael Jackson everything he knows, doing some amazing robot-poppin while sitting in a chair.

Even more amazing to me is the fact that this clip was taken from NBC's late night videofest Friday Night Videos, a show I watched religiously back in the day, and I actually remember seeing this video on there. Excuse me, I think my head just exploded. (Tip from Dartanjal via Tiree)

Truly, this is why God created YouTube™.


Blogger girlfop said...

Oh lord how I wish I had waited to check this till I was at home. How am I ever going to get through the workday now?!

I remember being totally mesmerized by this video. It had a sort of push/pull effect of being fascinating but creepy. I guess I'll have to wait till this evening to see what I think now.

1:25 PM  
Blogger girlfop said...

I... I don't think I understand yet what the meeting is for? Can someone please explain?

10:10 PM  

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