Monday, March 05, 2007

WHY GOD CREATED YOUTUBE™: "In Search Of..." End Credits

The cancellation of the original Star Trek may have been viewed as a crisis by many nerds around the world, but to nerds like myself it meant that I was able to grow up watching wack-ass pseudo-science infotainment like In Seach Of..., narrated by Mr. Spock (not to be confused with Captain Kirk's Mysteries of Science which also debuted in 1976 but was even less fact-based).

If your blood doesn't start pumping a little faster at the sound of Leonard Nimoy calmly (dare I say...logically?) intoning "This program was the result of the work of scientists, researchers and a group of highly-skilled technicians" to the accompaniment of grade school filmstrip music (with a dash of porn soundtrack added for good measure), then you didn't grow up in the Seventies. It probably also means you actually have a life beyond a well-dusted glass display case filled with Mego dolls and framed autographed 8"x10" glossies of Ricardo Montalban.

Truly, this is why God created YouTube.


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