Thursday, March 15, 2007


Unfortunately, due to the basketball-related delay in the broadcasting of last night's ANTM, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to read my pearls of wisdom about it. I was too tuckered out to stay up for the whole thing because I have the sleeping habits of a 75 year-old man, so I'm waiting until tonight to give it a time-shifted look-see. Hopefully y'all can survive until then.

I did, however, manage to catch Jay Manuel's appearance on the WGN morning news earlier this week, and it was fabulous. He did a great job pretending to be happy to talk to Chicago's "zaniest" morning news crew, patiently answering Larry Potash's wacky, frat boy-friendly questions and even sticking it back to weatherasshole Paul Konrad, who asked a question about whether men should wear makeup (since Jay was quite obviously sporting some base, toner and eye liner). Gee, Paul, that was HIGHlarious -- and now I know that you're not gay! Thanks for feeling the need to clear that up for everybody. I'm sure it did a world of good to let the world know that you were uncomfortable about having to share a satellite feed with a man who doesn't own a single Girls Gone Wild video.


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