Monday, January 08, 2007

DJ DIJON'S YOUTUBE MIXX-A-LOTT™: The Highs And Lows Of David Bowie

Yo my homeydudes! Time to ROCK DA HOUSE all Thin White Duke-like, because today is David Bowie's 60th Birthday!!! That's right, everybody's favorite Starman officially becomes a sexagenarian today (and y'allz know he's been waiting his whole life to be able to say that with a straight face). So DJ Dijon's been prowling the stax of wax over at YouTube to bring you this AWESOME mixx! HOLLA!!

Life on Mars? - original promo video

Starman - Live on Top of the Pops

Massive Medley Duet with Cher - You haven't lived until you hear Bowie covering Neil Diamond's Song Sung Blue

Heroes - original promo video

Fun Time - playing keyboards for Iggy Pop live on The Dinah Shore Show

Dance Magic - from Labyrinth!

Jump They Say - original promo video

Bowie's Teeth - documentary about the evolution of the Bowie choppers

Little Wonder - original promo video

Extras - Bowie's scenes from the Ricky Gervais sitcom


Anonymous "A" said...

Bowie's teeth!!!

7:54 AM  
Blogger Gene K. said...

1) I never knew that Iggy Pop was part Tusken Raider.

2) I'd also like to nominate Bowie's Karate Lesson (again via the Kween of Kool, Dinah Shore), in which young David discovers the vital importance of being able to reach another man's groin.

9:44 PM  

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