Monday, November 06, 2006


At first glance, the website for a Lakeview, IL-based spiritual healer/motivator (tipped by Anonymous A) may appear straightforward enough: you've got your basic lefthand sidebar with some links and a spinning logo, then a righthand body area filled with one of the longest website titles in history, a background photo, and some basic information. But dig a little deeper and you'll soon become mesmerized by more than the hypnotic animation loop.

Soon you discover that there is practically no end to this page...a user can keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and still get no closer to the end. Okay, we've all seen websites that cram way too much information on one page, right? No big deal. Well, how many web sites that cram way too much information on one page have included stream of consciousness-style writing that makes Absalom, Absalom! read like a Betty Crocker recipe?

Before you click the link and dive into the world of, be advised: this is Pringles®-style web browsing...once you pop, you just can't stop. Looking to fill three hours? Go to and just start reading. This mishmash of New Age healing scheisterism combined with tales of personal animosity will have you saying "Is it lunch already?" in no time flat.


Anonymous "A" said...

In Clygar's words:
"I make big promises! You'll receive huge results! I've practiced long and hard and I am the most organized and efficient INTERNAL teacher in America." Indeed.

Oh, and I like how he has ™ after every phrase. Ummm, I really doubt he actually paid to have any of that trademarked.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous eels said...

Only $250 to heal all my chronic emotionally-based problems forever in one painful but short visit?! If only my PPO will cover it...

1:00 PM  

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