Friday, October 27, 2006

WHY GOD CREATED YOUTUBE™: Raumschiff Enterprise - Das Nächste Jahrhundert

Feast your ears on this, all you Treksters*: The opening credits and first scene of an episode of Raumschiff Enterprise: Das Nächste Jahrhundert, the German-dubbed version of Star Trek: The Next Generation. From the credits' "These are the voyages..." speech to the pow-wow on the bridge, just a simple language change will show you how easy it is to take a science fiction series and make you think it's actually a show about a five-year mission aboard a U-Boat.

Truly this is why God created YouTube.

*See how I deftly avoided the whole Trekkie/Trekker controversy? Pretty smart, huh?


Blogger Gene K. said...

Two comments:

1) I think Worf loses something in the German, oddly enough.

2) "Five-year mission"?!? How TOS of you.

9:48 AM  

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