Tuesday, October 17, 2006


What is it about Ms. Peachez' video for Fry That Chicken that could cause resident JohnEats.com tipster Michael Knight to email us the declaration "this video changed my life"? Is it the video's no-holds-barred embrace of an ethnic stereotype? Is it the dulcet, cigarette-filtered tones of Ms. Peachez? Is it her blue and white wig? Her airbrushed self-referential t-shirt? The subtle food-item-as-sexual-metaphor lyricism rivalled only by Kelis' Milkshake? Or is it something else?

Is this truly why God created YouTube? You be the judge.


Blogger Crispinus said...

"The subtle food-item-as-sexual-metaphor lyricism" -- yeeeah, I didn't see that. I noticed in the catalog of chicken parts, for example, the breast was called "white meat."

Sometimes a chicken's just a chicken, guys.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Psychictoad said...

And let's not forget the adorable appeal of seeing children slamming their tiny chicken-bone-filled fists on the table to inquire about receiving a second portion of said chicken.

On a related note, neither KFC nor Popeyes will provide a second helping of their chicken if you enthusiastically slam your fist on the table.

Ms. Peaches=1, KFC/Popeyes=0

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Michael Knight said...

I got a pan, I got a plan!
What could be more simple! This video is about enjoying the simple pleasures in life. These kids don't need the hottest new gaming system to have a good time. They just need some "Getto"[sic] fried chicken.

Also, the song has those viral qualities that will have you humming it for days.

I love you Mrs. Peachez!!!

12:34 PM  

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