Saturday, October 07, 2006


Hotel Breakfast
A one-act play transcribed by John Eats

(INTERIOR: The Courtyard Cafe, an unassuming hotel restaurant in Long Beach, California. It is 7:13am, and breakfast is being served. JOHN EATS sits alone at a dining table. His chair faces a large-screen television that is broadcasting Fox News. A GROUP OF SOUTHERN BUSINESSMEN are eating breakfast at the table next to him. Their discussion has been a constant, low stream of chatter regarding stocks, portfolios, etc. Suddenly SOUTHERN BUSINESSMAN NUMBER ONE begins to raise his voice, disagreeing with SOUTHERN BUSINESSMAN NUMBER TWO who has mentioned something SOUTHERN BUSINESSMAN NUMBER TWO'S WIFE, who is not present, has spoken of.)

SOUTHERN BUSINESSMAN NUMBER ONE: Oh, shut the fuck up. Your wife's a schoolteacher, she doesn't know shit!

(The chatter of the SOUTHERN BUSINESSMEN immediately turns to silence, which is held for thirty seconds, during which the only thing heard in the cafe is the sound of Fox News. Suddenly SOUTHERN BUSINESSMAN THREE coughs. The buzz of their normal conversation resumes.)



Anonymous "A" said...

Yes, but how were the eggs?

12:39 PM  

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