Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ever heard of My Guy magazine? No? Well, that's probably because you didn't live in England in the '80s. But never fear, BBC News has posted several pages from My Guy because of a new "best of" book that's been published, and oh boy this is a doozy. My Guy was known for publishing "photo stories" (ie, comics which used photos instead of drawings) and it seems they were a magnet for wanna-be actors and musicians eager to get their faces in front of the public. A few of the celebrities included are far too insular to British culture for anyone to really care about unless you're an Anglophile nerd who actually watches crap like EastEnders or Coronation Street or whatever, but for the rest of you out there just feast your eyes upon young Julian Sands, George Michael, Tracey Ullman, Alex Kingston (from ER -- because you know she'll be referred to with that parenthetical by Americans for the rest of her life), and as seen above, the wonderfully feathered and besweatered Hugh Grant. Enjoy!


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