Monday, October 23, 2006

ADVENTURES IN THE DESIGN WORLD™: In The Ch__ch Of The Poisoned Mind

While walking around this weekend, I stumbled across this amazing, honest-to-Pete piece of folk art hanging outside a church. This is in fact a detail of a much larger, more complex drawing/collage piece, but it was this particular slice of Christiana which caught my eye...everything about this screamed "photograph me and put me on the Internets!": the bizarre anatomical anomalies, the attempts at racial diversity that resulted in mere grotesquery, and of course there's that sign with the little word puzzle on it. Trust a church to come up with a word game that's attention-grabbing, fun, and guilt-inducing all at the same time!

Enjoy using this little gem as a desktop image.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the way back from the Target this weekend, Devin and I saw a license plate that said G SUS.
--ice cait

3:52 PM  

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