Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ADVENTURES IN THE DESIGN WORLD™: Advertising Should Be This Delicious

So, could anyone out there please tell me what it takes to finally flick the little switch in someone's brain to allow them to think that this kind of thing is okay?

I mean, when does a person get to the point where not only do they think "Dude, it would be SO FUCKIN AWESOME to stick a big picture of a hot chick sucking raspberries off her knuckles on the side of my van!", but also that they firmly believe doing this will actually drive customers to their business?

As if you needed anything more to make a little bit of puke well up in the back of your mouth, click on the photo to get the full sized detailing of the strategic placement of the gas tank cover.

That's right, every time you fill 'er up, you get to shove your hose in her mouth.


People of planet Earth, your world makes no sense to me.


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