Thursday, September 14, 2006

TODAY AT MERLE'S: The Tremoloes

TODAY AT MERLE'S: Silence Is Golden by The Tremoloes

"Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep, even though there is nowhere to go..." Practically a funereal dirge as the Francisco station inched towards closure today. The CTA guy stationed there was handing out pamphlets today. Basically they say "After Friday, you're screwed, so shut up." How fitting then that The Tremoloes should reinforce the "shut up" part as we shuffled off with our photocopied instructions and boarded the second-last train before it all ends...the woman with the Art Institute canvas tote who acts twenty years older than she looks almost seemed to be choking back a tear as she settled into her seat on the train today. I think it's all starting to sink in.

Enjoy the video.


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