Friday, September 08, 2006

JOHN EATS VIDEO FUNHOUSE™: The Wacky Las Vegas Bus Driver

Boy, I just can't stop rolling out new recurring features this week.

Submitted for your approval is our very first self-produced piece of video in the all-new John Eats Video Funhouse™: a two-minute excursion on the Las Vegas Strip's "Deuce" bus (a two dollar ride to Hell and back again) wherein the bus driver, who is clearly trying to love his job, talks a blue streak of locations, instructions, and idle chit-chat (throwing in a few plaintive horn beeps for good measure) to keep the drunken masses at bay.

Enjoy the video, and save us the aisle seats!


Blogger Gene K. said...

I feel... if I just rode a bus.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous The Deuce Transit Ambassador said...

Hey John Eats!
I am a Transit Ambassador for The Deuce buses on the strip and I know exactly who that bus driver is. Good friend of mine actually. I told him about the video, and he thought it was great, laughed the whole time. When i first told him, he didn't believe me. Anyways, great video. Come back and visit us in Las Vegas again. Maybe you'll find "The Wacky Las Vegas Bus Driver" again.

5:32 PM  

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