Friday, September 15, 2006

HASSELHOFF HOTNEWS™: Guiness Book Winner!

Not that we here at John Eats need the Guiness Book of Records to justify our ongoing obsession with David Hasselhoff, but BBC News (who seem even more Hoff-obsessed) just posted that everyone's favorite barrel-chested celebrity joke has been named the most watched television star in the world.

Boy, they sure must have a lot of TV sets in Germany, that's all I gotta say.


Blogger Psychictoad said...

Oh man, this article is so crammed full of delicious Hoffy goodness that I want to cry:

But there is more than one side to David Hasselhoff, he told BBC World Service's The Interview programme.

"I look at David Hasselhoff as the producer, David Hasselhoff the writer and so I promote my little team of Hasselhoffs," he explained.


"I said: 'You want to play?' I took off my shirt and said: 'Don't hassle the Hoff'."


He recalled how he woke a British boy from a coma after a cassette recording of him as Michael Knight urging the child to wake up was played at his hospital bedside.

All I can say is that he woke my inner British boy with his consistently stellar performances and his regularly scheduled shirt-tearings.

11:26 AM  

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