Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall TV Season Deathwatch

Bravo's Brilliant But Cancelled had the same idea I had recently, but since they don't have day jobs they can actually find the time to implement it: they've created Deathwatch '06, an online forum in which TV viewers can place bets on which of the new fall shows will be cancelled first (sorry about that, Happy Hour) and next. It's a brilliant idea, and I wish I'd been able to get it off the ground before they did, but they're actually giving away iPods and stuff so I guess it's okay.

The odds aren't looking good for Ugly Betty, but I have my doubts it'll be the next in line just because of the massive promo push it's received. I think ABC is so frightened by the fact that someone actually greenlit a show with both the word "ugly" in the title and a star who is not a size 2 that they're overcompensating. I have to say, I'm a little curious about the odds against Help Me Help You, the new Ted Danson vehicle. I mean, I know he has star power, but isn't it just a little too soon after the demise of Becker for him to be jumping into the waiting arms of yet another sitcom starring role? I give it another three weeks tops. However, I think they're spot on the money with regards to Men In Trees, ABC's new Anne Heche-meets-Northern Exposure debacle. I caught about three minutes of the premiere and that was enough to make me burp a little vomit in my mouth.


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