Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ENTERTAINMENT DROPPINGS: Subliminal Twin Fetishism In The CW's Fall Casting Choices

With only one day left to go before the big 2-hour preview of America's Next Top Model, it's time to discuss new network-from-two-old-networks The CW's apparent attempt to use the symbolism of genetic twins to subliminally reinforce their own double-network heritage in the mindset of the American viewing public.

First up of course are Top Model's own Michelle and Amanda, the first-ever twins to be contestants on the smash hit "dramality" show. Obviously the most important question here is whether they will actually count as two individual contestants, or if they'll be judged together as a matching set.

But the biggest (and most insidious) CW twin-tastic casting involves women who have acted with their twin sisters before who are now appearing on the same CW show without their twin sisters! Yes, new CW football comedy The Game features Tia Mowry, late of ABC/WB sleeper hit Sister, Sister in which she co-starred with twin sister Tamera. But wait, there's more! The Game also features Brittany Daniel, who co-starred with twin sister Cynthia in both FOX/UPN's Sweet Valley High as well as a series of -- get ready for it -- Doublemint gum commercials.

And now that I've realized Sweet Valley High and Sister, Sister were both shows that starred twins and broadcast by two different networks during their runs, I'm going to go over to a quiet corner and let my head explode.


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You know far, far too much about television...

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