Friday, September 08, 2006


One of the many reasons I adore Las Vegas is because everywhere you (10 LET "YOU" = "TOURISTS" / 20 GOTO 10) go, you encounter things that make you feel like you're living inside the world's largest state fair midway (albeit with a lower percentage of mullets). Take for example this wonderful piece of artwork peeped at a "Get Your Picture Taken With The Stars" booth located in The MGM Grand. This remarkable service allows anyone who doesn't own Photoshop and a digital camera to get their head sort of Photoshopped into a picture with a famous person (or if you're a fat slob of a man, you can become a Chippendale dancer; or if you're an old woman like the one who was using the service when I stopped by, you can get your face stuck onto the head of a naked, saline-enhanced centerfold model) -- and your friends and family can watch the magic happen as the image of your head being clone-stamped to perfection is projected on a giant video screen!

However, not all celebrities are created equal, and it is a select few images which offer more design choices than others. Most images only allow your face to be plopped in the center of someone else's head, leaving your own coiff mysteriously M.I.A. But those rules do not apply if you want to be photographed standing next to George W. Bush -- and come on, we all know you want to. I mean, you're a guy, right? Only guys can have their picture taken with the president! And if you're man enough to stand next to Dubya (in a purely non-threatening heterosexual way, of course), then you're also man enough to USE YOUR OWN HAIR.


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