Thursday, September 07, 2006

ADVENTURES IN THE DESIGN WORLD™ (VEGA$ EDITION): A Brief Survey Of Casino Carpeting, Part 1

If you're anything like me (and by that I mean you always walk with your shoulders slumped and head pointed at the ground so as to avoid making eye contact with the people around you for fear of having to interact with them in some way that doesn't involve ignoring them and in turn being ignored yourself), the first thing you notice upon entering a Las Vegas casino is, of course, its carpeting.

A casino's carpeting choices say a lot about the establishment, with the number of clashing patterns inversely proportional to the amount of quality you'll find in the place's food, gambling options and clientele. This three-part series will present a brief survey of Las Vegas casino carpeting; clicking on the preview swatches will give you access to the full, desktop-worthy patterns. Enjoy.

Our first stop is The MGM Grand, our home base. Although we spent the most time at the MGM, I was only able to spot five different carpeting patterns (one of which I had to devise myself, using the tasteful carpeting of our hotel room in combination with the light streaming in from a window). The MGM's carpeting was certainly one of the most tasteful we encountered (with a few notable exceptions):

And here are five patterns from The Aladdin (soon to be replaced by Planet Hollywood). We stopped by there to try the "Spice Market Buffet," but as soon as we noticed that the Planet Hollywood takeover had led to a rebranding of the buffet's collateral using nothing but centered Eurostyle Bold (all caps, no less), we decided the hour-long wait and $25 price tag was a bit much. But that still gave me enough opportunity to photograph no less than five clashing carpeting patterns!

Stay tuned for more carpeting!


Anonymous Michael said...

I love this post on carpet designs...I hope this will be a repeating series in addition to the youtube mix and the one about songs you hear by the el station.

4:28 PM  

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