Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Whither "Sugar T*ts"?

A funny thing happened on the way to the media's evisceration of Mel Gibson. As originally reported, Gibson's despicable remarks at the time of his DUI arrest weren't just directed towards Jews. . . he also made some remarks denigrating women (directed at a female sheriff), which the last time I checked wasn't exactly socially acceptable behavior either.

I fully understand that Gibson's recent controversies involving anti-Semitism make that angle of the story particularly damning, especially considering his father's position on the subject as well as the fact that Gibson became a religious right-wing darling over a movie that allegedly celebrates anti-Semitism, not to mention people are snickering that it's probably not a wise career move for an actor/director to insult Jewish people in Hollywood. I get it.

But it's amazing to me how the sexist aspect of the incident has been almost entirely glossed over and, to borrow a phrase from Gibson's comrades-in-Christ, left behind. It's as if the sexism can easily be chalked up to a guy who's liquored up, that it's somehow more acceptable to insult women than it is to insult Jewish people, that "boys will be boys" when they get some beers in 'em -- don't worry about the fact that he wasn't just dissing a woman, but a woman authority figure. It seems like extremely subtle institutionalized sexism on the media's part to ignore one of Gibson's indiscretions while proclaiming outrage over the other.

Maybe I'm just being overly-sensitive. It just seems to me like if Gibson is going to release apology after apology and ask to meet with "Jewish leaders" to try to find out what he has to do to "heal," then he should also be reaching out to "women leaders" and begging for a little forgiveness from them too.

I'm just sayin'.


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