Friday, August 18, 2006

Today's Government-Mandated Snakes on a Plane Content

After you see SoaP this weekend, please copy and paste the inevitable review that you emailed to someone else or posted on someone else's blog into the comments here. Thanks.


Blogger K. A. Laity said...

MoFo Snakes on a MoFo Plane:

Yeah, we couldn't resist and hit a matinee today. And it's just what you'd think -- a fun ride, if slight and you really have to check all logic at the theatre door, but there were a bunch of funny moments. Yes, I am callous enough to laugh at somebody's pain on screen -- especially when it's TOTT violence and, you know, there are mofo snakes everywhere!

I emphasize slight -- as in plot, characterization, rationality. If you can turn off your critical apparatus, go. If not, eh. The cast is mostly competent -- the characters serviceable (one actually was a character). Not nearly enough Samuel L. Jackson -- although there was a point at which we were almost sure we were gonna have a Deep Blue Sea moment...but no. It's a kind of winking homage to seventies disasters like Airport and its sequels in a weird way.

My advice is to drink heavily (admittedly, that's usually my advice) then go with a bunch of friends.

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