Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today's Government-Mandated Mel Gibson Content

The imaging specialists over at US Weekly have provided us with one of the single greatest implementations of an image-morphing Java applet ever devised: "Watch Mel Go From Hunk To Drunk," a mesmerizing journey through history where we watch Mel learn to smile, turn his head to his right, and grow a beard. The only thing that keeps this from being 100% perfect is the fact that the "drunk" photo is not his now-infamous mugshot.


Blogger Gene K. said...

Which is the most freaky:

1) The Farrah-Hair in the first image?

2) The "breaking into a smile" sequence? (At first I thought Mel's head might continue to tilt backwards, revealing a second set of teeth in his mouth, much like those of a shark.)

3) The development of those beady, beady eyes?

3) The beard-morphing sequence, in which he alternatively looks like:

3-A) Osama bin Laden?

3-B) Sybok?

3-C) The bastard son of Osama bin Laden and Sybok?

4)The way the three wrinkles on his forehead undulate over time, much like the hips of a hula dancer, or like the trinity of lines on the forehead of racist religious zealot?


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