Friday, August 11, 2006

TODAY AT MERLE'S: Michael Bublé

A brief technical note before today's exciting installment. One of the 4 to 7 people reading this has asked me where TODAY AT MERLE'S went for the past two days. Unfortunately, since the music at Merle's is provided by a commercial radio station, and I am sometimes only on the train platform for 2-3 minutes, there are days when I hear nothing but commercials coming from the Merle's sound system. So the mystery is solved. Having said that...

TODAY AT MERLE'S: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Michael Bublé

Call me crazy, but even though he's practically been genetically engineered to appeal to my demographic (what with his application of Rat Pack-era tropes to slightly ironic interpretations of light favorites), something about Michael Bublé's song stylings strikes me as even more crassly disingenuous than Harry Connick, Jr.'s similarly anachronistic affectations of a decade ago. And although I could delve into cheap personal attacks against his physical appearance to try to win you over to my viewpoint (like the fact that he looks like an ex-frat boy who won't really be able to shave until he turns 45), I think I have to bite the bullet on this one and chalk it up to my own neuroses. There comes a time when even my tolerance level for 21st century pop culture's continuous regurgitation of pop's previous decades reaches its limit. No more covers of Queen songs, Mr. Bublé, please. I'm begging you.

Share my pain. Watch this bootleg video of The Bube belting out "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" before it disappears from YouTube.


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