Tuesday, August 22, 2006

THE TIM GUNN SHOW: What Crawled Up Alison And Died?

If you're watching Project Runway (and if you're not, let's face it, you don't deserve to own a television), you were no doubt shocked last week when talented, not-insane Alison was voted off instead of talentless, bitchcakes-crazy Vincent. Well, thanks to the kind folks at EW.com (and a tip from S), you can read a surprisingly bitter and pompous exit interview with Alison wherein she blames her ousting on her "plus-size" model while dissing her roommates and revealing a soft spot for everyone's favorite closeted goiter sufferer Jeffrey. My, how our little Alison has changed.

Luckily she's lucid enough to realize Vincent was allowed to remain because he makes better television fodder; I mean come on...any guy with a Brooklyn accent, a laugh like a satanic hellhound and a penchant for repeatedly saying how his designs "get [him] off" is obviously a timebomb waiting to explode -- he could very easily make it to the final three just on his mental imbalance alone. After all, it worked for Jade on the last Top Model cycle, didn't it?


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