Sunday, August 27, 2006

How That Fat-Necked Bastard Killed My Childhood In 122 Simple Steps

Want to see every single visual change made to the original Star Wars since its initial release? Then look no further than this feature/press release (head directly for the link that says "starting the tour here" if you want to avoid all the Kool-Aid®-induced marketingspeak propaganda) which documents the goiter-induced madness of King George. Thrill as he edits out the naughty parts of gunshots (as above)! Gasp in wonderment as he makes the sky look more prettier! Stand up and cheer as he adds shots of even more toys you can buy!

Oh yeah, and Harrison Ford loses his manhood in the Cantina scene too.

Bring on the 3-D version, you Fat-Necked Bastard!


Blogger Gene K. said...

Dig, if you will, "Image 15 OF 122":

A strange omission in the 1997 Special Edition was the animated cone of light that extends from R2-D2's holographic projector, seen in the 1977 theatrical version.

My handy protocol droid, C-UPP, is fluent in LucasSpeak. Youpeepee informs me that "strange omission" may be translated as

[1] "flagrant, obvious mistake"


[2] "evidence that more money than care was applied"

6:02 PM  

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