Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ENTERTAINMENT DROPPINGS: B-Fleck, Lance 'n Matt, George O'Dowd, Tucker F-ing Carlson

• B-Fleck announces that fatherhood has changed his life, but not enough to actually motivate him to learn how to provide his own child with sustenance for the past eight months. [People]
• Closeted middle-aged white men Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey take a break from admiring each other's rock-hard abs, continue their pointless charade. [Page Six]
• Boy George just does not care anymore, rocks cutoff sweat pants during first day on the new job. [BBC News]
• Tucker Carlson and Jerry Springer join the cast of Dancing With The Stars; show's producers succumb to moral imperative, retitle it Dancing With The Assholes. [Washington Post]


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